Bryan Elsom 

Founder & Creative Director 

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I am a filmmaker, painter, and mixed-media artist. 

 I have told stories for more than 30 years with film, sound, light, words and paint. My winding road has led me to places interviewing Dizzie Gillespie, filming a rum commercial in the Dominican with the Brugal Brothers, toiling in the humid Miami sun for Coca Cola, shooting Chevrolet trucks rumbling over the tundra in Terra Del Fuego and even getting stranded on an Alaskan glacier directing a beer campaign. It’s also led me to a place to tell important stories about real people committed to enacting important social change. I’m proud of my work with organizations like Planned Parenthood, No Kid Hungry and the Alzheimer’s Association. My personal film and painting projects explore the process of mark making in the context of emotional discovery.

I founded MRB Films as a full service production company. We produce everything from commercials, to documentaries, to web videos, along with multi-screen art installations. We have a great team, and we make compelling content that has an impact.