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People want to be engaged in your content through the brand’s story and voice. MRB is designed to define a brand’s look, feel and tone though imagery, imagination and creativity. We accomplish this by telling stories. Emotional, meaningful, and memorable stories. We write, we create, and we ask questions about the brand, the project, and of ourselves: How can we do this better, smarter, how can we make it more powerful? What’s the engaging hook? What’s the emotional payoff? What’s the best structure that informs the content. It’s an adventure, and it’s a process. We work it. 

Let’s talk - and offer some solutions and perhaps lunch - like the old days - when content was delivered by sitting around the fire and telling stories.


Bryan Elsom - Creative Director

As a filmmaker, painter, and mixed-media artist, I have told stories for more than 30 years with film, sound, light, words and paint. My winding road has led me to places interviewing Dizzie Gillespie, filming a rum commercial in the Dominican with the Brugal Brothers, toiling in the humid Miami sun for Coca Cola, shooting Chevrolet trucks rumbling over the tundra in Terra Del Fuego, and getting stranded on an Alaskan glacier directing a beer campaign. I have shot cell phones in South Africa, fashion in Hong Kong and hotels in Istanbul. It has also led me to a place to tell important stories about real people committed to enacting important social change. I’m proud of my work with organizations like Planned Parenthood, No Kid Hungry and the Alzheimer’s Association. My personal film and painting projects explore the process of mark making in the context of emotional discovery.

I founded MRB Films as a production company focused on the collaborative process. We produce everything from commercials, to documentaries, to web videos, along with multi-screen art installations. We make compelling content that has an impact. 



Paul Van Wart - executive producer

I’ve been producing marketing content since the days when it was called ‘advertising’. In the days of advertising you showed a reel, bid the job, shot a TV spot and everybody went to lunch. Now, we have deliverables which include: email, digital assets and imagery for ecommerce, social platforms including facebook, Insta, Snap, proprietary client platforms, stills for print, and some content actually airs on ‘broadcast’ TV. For over twenty years I’ve helped develop and nurture this work for production companies in Los Angeles – content which ranged from tabletop beer shots to shooting throughout Latin America, Mexico, Canada and Alaska. While at the same time managing to restore one of the oldest houses in the city.

As digital file formats emerged, I establish post boutiques and created content for clients including ABC, CBS and HGTV. And as brands have recently shifted to controlling their messaging process internally, I’ve created content for Walt Disney Parks and Resorts and served as Director of Production at Sears Holdings. As I’ve strategized, sourced, and developed the production process, I’ve learned it’s the power of storytelling that engages the imagination of a brand’s audience, leading to a valued connection with the brand. Which ultimately results in the brands value and success. 


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Bryan elsom
creative director | 202.997.0972

paul van wart
Executive producer | 323.899.6210